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Fruit juice extractor machine juicer

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       Fruit juice extractor machine juicer juice presser is unlike traditional juice-making machine.It is uses centrifugal principle to divide the juice and residue automatically.

The machine makes it possible to present fresh and nutritious juice to the user instantly and continuously.

       Juice Presser produces continuous fresh rich delicious juice from carrots,celery,cucumber,beet,tomatoes,spinach,apple,pears,grapes,watermelon,cantaloupe and peeled 

oranges,lemons.(The machine can not press the fruits which have core,such as peach,mango and the fruits which have less moisture content,such as banana also are not suitable

to use this machine).

       There are unlimited combinations of juices for the enterprising operator with exotic puree that may be added for an extended menu.The machine meets the requirement of

modern life style.

       This machine ideal for juice and groggery,restaurant,hotels,supermarket,mart,fruit shops,place of entertainment,hospitals,canteens etc.


  1. Automatic divide the juice and residue.

  2. Contiuous 8 different juice spout positions make it suitable for location.

  3. All parts in contact with juice are made of stainless steel.

  4. Easy to clean,put 500ml water in the machine and turn on power switch only.

Operating instruction:

Place the machine on the stable,connect power plug to grounded power,source and turn on the power,source,and turn on the power switch.(Make sure to plug into normal 10amp

power point).The machine is ready to press.Cut pre-washed fruits or vegetables,then put them into the feed mouth,use pushing stick to push them into the machine.The juice will 

flow from juice outlet and residue will spurt from the residue outlet.

Fruit juice extractor machine juicer

Fruit juice extractor machine juicer

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